Our churches

St Winifred’s Church

The village of  Penrhiwceiber  was built in the mid-nineteenth century during the rapid expansion of the mining  industry. The long rows of terraced houses were built to accommodate the many  thousands of mineworkers in the area. It became clear that there was a need for  a church in the village, and so St Winifred’s church was built in 1883 (and  enlarged in the early 1900s). Further enlargement was planned but never carried  out.

St Winifred’s church is a strong, confident Christian community.  Our worship is in the modern catholic tradition, using the modern-language  liturgy and three-year lectionary. We like to think that we are  reverent and  orderly without being stuffy. Young people play an active role in our worship as  readers, musicians and servers. There is a Sunday School which meets during the first part of the service.

All Saints’ Church

All Saints’ church was  built in  1903 to serve the two communities of Matthewstown and Ynysboeth.  Originally a  daughter church of Penrhiwceiber, it became an independent parish  fairly early  on, before rejoining Penrhiwceiber in 1972. The original church building has now been converted into a community facility known as ‘The Feel Good Factory’ by the Bryncynon Revival Strategy – a group which has grown from a small base in 1993 to be a real force for good in what is a deprived area of the community.

The building was re-opened in 2006 and now contains offices, meeting rooms and a cafe – all of which are well-used by the local community. Part of the agreement was that the building could be used by the church for worship and so ‘All Saints Church’ still meets at ‘The Feel Good Factory’. Our congregation is small, but with a relaxed and family-friendly atmosphere. Often there are at least half as many children as adults in the congregation. There is a Sunday School which meets during the first part of the service.